27 Settembre 2022
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Zingoni Counters snc

The factory was born during the first sixttes, thanks to Ario Zingoni´s intuition: he transformed the previous activity of leather´s marketing, in a firm that realized component production for footwear factory.

That´s how that originated the "Tranceria Gallo" in Santa Croce Sull´Arno, that mainly produced counters and toe puffs for footwears.

The little firm expanded greatly in the following years, side by side to the shoe market, that became more and more important and productive, both in the neighbouring areas and in the whole national territory.

The "Zingoni Counters" is born during the eighttes.
After some years of good results, the firm has put beside to the traditional articles, a series of new products like insoles, realized in various ways to meet more and more the customers´ requirements.

So, the factory is arrived till nowdays with a considerable daily production, and an excellent ratio "quality-price-service", that has always marked it in the footwear sector.

Today the factory is provided with an higly qualified staff, that is able to offer his customers a rapid service, to realize samplings
in every measures, with "cad" and "trance laser" systems, that let in a short time to satisfy every request.

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